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Online casinos are appreciated for their bonus offers. This amount can be cashed into your casino account. In most cases, the withdrawal of bonus money is not possible in your bank account. But still, the bonus money is helpful as it provides an opportunity for the players to get started with playing casino games.

  • With hundreds of bonus offers available, it is certain that each type if designed to help players enjoy more of online casino games.
  • Apart from other options, risk-free bonus offers can be considered as rarest in any online casino.
  • These bonus offers are designed to help attract new and old players to register with the casino for a longer time.

So, some good collections of rarest types of casino bonuses are discussed here below in this article. These bonus offers can be considered as rarest amongst all other types.

Timed bonus offers

This bonus offer is considered as rarest as players are not expected to match up of deposit any money from their bankroll. The bonus amount can be used to try out new and old casino games. So the casino provides players with money to try out all types of casino games.

When using this casino bonus offer, players have to strictly follow a timeline. The bonus amount may be valid only for a few minutes after it has been added to the player account.

Risk-free type casino bonus

The next rarest types of online casino bonus are the one that comes with a risk-free option. So it means that players may not have to risk their money to enjoy the casino games. The games can be enjoyed using casino money itself.

If the player wins, the wins can be credited into the player account. Withdrawal is not possible until you have made some real wins. The bonus is risk-free, so you don’t have anything to lose, even if you don’t win the gameplay.

Cashback bonus offers

Imagine you place some bets in the gameplay and lose your bets. Still you may not lose your money placed on the bet. This is what cash back bonus offer is all about. Players can cashback some of the money they already lost in the gameplay.

Online casinos certainly don’t want to lose their player database. This is why they will even cash back some money into your bank account. You need to keep in mind that the online casino industry is mostly player-centric.

The casinos rarely focus on snatching away your money from your bankroll and so the bonus is one of the best ways they use to encourage players to play the games.