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like a boss...

Ale Heaven?, Wet BBQs, Italian food and staff staff staff…(cut to Stuart running over a mountain dressed as a nun, spinning around singing ‘These are a few of my favourite things!....) Welcome to blog world people. The Prince Alberts info hot spot. What HASN’T been happening? This passed week has...


Italian Day - Wed 15th May

Picture a scene from the Sopranos (not one of the violent of the nicer ones involving good food and people having fun) and you can see what we're aiming for. Chef has created a fantastic Italian menu plus why not add an Italian beer or wine (or a few). Unmissable (unless you don't like...


5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

A huge congratulations to the whole kitchen team for achieving a 5 Star rating in the recent Environmental Health visit by Camden. Well done guys!!...

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