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Pint of the Black Stuff?

Top of the morning to ya?!...yet another 168 hours has gone by and here we are again anticipating the Weekly Prince Albert Blog… This week was St.Patricks day. Thankyou to all our loyal follows on Twitter that came in Guinness hats or had painted faces. Lots of the black stuff was put away on over...



OMG……(I think when on a text or email using OMG is justified. But when people say it OUT LOUD, IN CONVERSATION they should be struck by lighting on the spot by the Almighty Zeus?)…Anyway, OMG! In The Prince Albert’s World this week it was none stop! What didn’t happen? It was International Women’s...


We Need Your Help!!!

...jangle...jangle...jangle...(nothing to do with Saville) it's Charity Time at the Albert!!! So to celebrate Red Nose Day and to raise as much cash as possible for good causes, we've come up with possibly the most spurious link possible: many of you will know our wonderful Kasia has now...


Easter Cider Festival - Easter Weekend

Following on from the success of last year, the Albert's Easter Cider Festival is back, and it's even better!! Featuring ten ciders on the bar and another ten bottled ciders, there's enough to keep even the most ardent apple juice fan busy all weekend. So why not pop down on Good Friday, pitch your...

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